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Reasons to Inspect the Sewer Line

Buying an older home, most home owners get an inspection done before buying a house, but few think about having a sewer inspection done, yet it's one of the most important inspections someone buying an older home should get. Many Alberta homes built prior to the 1990's have been constucted using clay sewer pipes. This can be a problem because clay pipes are easier for trees to force their roots into and are less flexible than the new pvc pipes meaning they are much easier to break. It can cost anywhere from 5000-10000 to replace a full failed sewer line.

What Homes are at Higher Risk?

Homes with large trees, tree roots growing into sewer lines is a common problem, roots crawl into tiny openings and expand, hanging onto other debis that can cause backups such as grease or waste from garburators. You are also at higher risk if your toilets, sinks, or tub drains slowly or plugs, or if water backs up in floor drains.

How Far Will the Video Inspection Go

It can go as far as the point where the home's sewer ties meet the municipal sewer line.

What Will I See in the Video Inspection

You will see a walk through, from the trap all the way down the line to the blockage, and if the camera is able to push past the blockage then to the connection of the municipal sewer line, we are able to locate the blockage or the problem area of the pipe using a transmitter, the technician will go up to ground level and use a locating device that finds the camera's transmitting signal to fuind out exactly where the blockage is. You will be provided with a DVD of our findings after the job is complete (good for insurance or for consultation of solutions)